Pawel Pak (Estagiário 1° Mecanico) started his journey with Guerreiro (Jaroslaw Rafalski) in 2005 in Chelm, Poland. Graduate of University of Phisical Education, self defence instructor. After years spent with Guerreiro he became one of instructores in his home city. In 2012 he moved to London and started taking lessons form Professor Marcus Cabeca (Capoeira Axe). In 2014 decided to come back to his roots and created Unicar branch in London



Ewelina Patkowska (Graduada Timida) - A good soul of our group. She started her capoeira adventure in 2009. Fighting her own limits and barriers Ewelina fell in love with capoeira which become not only her passion but also her second home. She likes to share her knowledge with others and represents our group on many capoeira events in London.